2017 MidSouth Paranormal Convention, Robbie Was A Guest Speaker To A Packed Forum, Which He Spoke About Murder & Missing Person's Cases He Has Assisted Law Enforcement & Families With Over The Many Years!

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World Renowned Psychic Medium, Robbie Thomas and the Sallie House! You'll see it as it happens! First time ever, a new technique was utilized on film, proving the presence of spirit. Robbie brought in a Great Dane, to verify what he was seeing throughout, which will send chills down your spine. Since then, other paranormal investigators have adapted some of Robbie's techniques such as Ghost Adventures on television! In 2007, Robbie toured throughout the United States, doing many speaking engagements and The Sallie House Movie. The Sallie House has become an Icon in the Paranormal and Spiritual Fields of work, which takes you, the viewer, into one of the most haunted homes in America!

2003 In Good Faith Television Show Robbie's First One Hour Special, which was taped at the end of 2003 and shown beginning of 2004!

Robbie's first one hour special on Star Choice Satellite, Bell Expressview Satellite, The New RO Cable Station, from Ottawa, Canada. This show went into syndication and was shown throughout Canada and the United States several times. Among those who attended the show during it's broadcast, was the Mayor of Ottawa and other dignitaries. 

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One of the very first live broadcasts of a Paranormal/Spiritual Encounter on Radio back in 2003 on CHOK 1070 AM. Robbie took calls from around the world, which included England, Italy, China, Canada and the United States. While he was describing the events taking place, people were able to interact with him during the show. Many things occurred throughout the segment of this broadcast all day, which in turn kept the radio host and sound man on their toes. This was one of the very first live broadcast of an interactive radio show doing a Paranormal Investigation and having interaction with people from around the world. 

Robbie is huge on helping out others as much as he can. In 2012, Robbie was requested to speak at a charity event for a beautiful young lady named, Bryona. Bryona needed a double lung transplant in order to live, as she was suffering from Cystic Fibrosis. Without hesitation, Robbie was in New York as one of the main guest speakers giving his support for Bryona and her family. We are saddened to have learned just after this event put on by so many beautiful people, Bryona was called home to be with God. Her fight with this deadly disease is over and now she's free and an Angel among many in heaven, watching over her family and friends. God Bless Bryona and her family. 

In 2009 and 2010, Robbie put on events in his hometown, which seen many come from the United States and Canada. The events were successful, which seen many from Sy-Fy, A&E, True T.V. Discovery Channel, Film and Radio who have worked with Robbie on many projects, come out to present for the audience who attended. 

The 2007, Robbie Thomas Power of Spirit Tour, seen many stops from New Orleans, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky and more. A very successful tour, which also seen Robbie doing several television specials such as, a one hour special on NBC, taking calls from many people throughout the United States.   Robbie has always went out of his way to answer those who have requested his presence for doing events. When it comes to understanding his fans, Robbie answers their call and shares his time with those who do so much for others as well. Here in the picture to the left, Robbie speaks to a platoon of soldiers that requested to see him in Kentucky from Fort Campbell, just days before they went to Iraq for duty in 2007. The platoon was asked what did they want to do with their time off before being shipped overseas and the elected to call Robbie's Office asking, if he would come to Kentucky to take them paranormal investigating. Robbie didn't bat an eye and immediately accepted their request. 

Robbie Thomas is a visionary who enjoys writing literature such as books, screenplays, and television shows. He has eight books he has written, which includes his newest releases, Signs From Heaven and Dreaming. He has also co-contributed to four other books working with such notables as Award Winning Screenwriter Gloria Shepherd and retired International Chief of Police Kevin Smith. Robbie enjoys speaking on tour about various topics of the afterlife, life here and speaking with many people internationally on their experiences they have encountered. He is widely recognized and sought after internationally for being a featured speaker at conventions throughout North America. 

In 2010, Robbie toured throughout the United States and Canada, assisting families who were devastated by the senseless act of murder of their loved ones. Below Robbie speaks to a room full, who showed up in Indiana, where he addressed everyone about the afterlife and went on to do live Psychic Criminal Profiling on two murder cases for two families that requested his help. 

Robbie has been married for twenty-four years, to his lovely wife and they have three beautiful daughters together. He focuses his entire core of beliefs, around his family and faith in God. The strength comes from the tight unit of family he has, who supports him totally in everything he does within the Paranormal and Spiritual fields. Robbie incorporates the family structure in the business of creating television, movies and his writing, which gives a real strong foundation for his family working together. They, as a family, are very active in community social and charity events and this also stems outward to other communities as well. Work hard, play fair and love life, while doing everything you possibly can to make a difference for the better is a motto Robbie lives by.