"While working a double homicide with Robbie Thomas, we together were able to distinguish many missing aspects of the case at hand. His ability to see two steps ahead and envision details is remarkable. In another case I had him give details on, the arrests were made, exactly how you said it would happen! It was just amazing! I don't endorse Psychics at all, but Robbie Thomas is one I totally stand behind."
-Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith, United States (R.I.P.)

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"Very powerful stuff, Robbie Thomas has skills that most Police Officers could only dream of. He is the REAL DEAL!" I've had the opportunity to work a very high profile case with him and it is amazing how his ability renders tangible clues from his sight. 

-Sgt. Cliff Christ, Retired Police Investigator, Grand Junction, Colorado

"Robbie Thomas, as always your gift is spot-on. A bunch of skeptical fellow LEO's were mind blown by your description. We were hot on the trail because of your input. Thankfully local media alerts helped too. I hate to compare you to a dog, but Robbie your God given gift is no different than a LEO holding a leash behind a reliable K-9 leading us to the bad guy... or in this case the missing person who is now safe and sound! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!"

Active Law Enforcement Officer, Andy DeLay, Kenneth City, Florida, March 31st, 2017  

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"​​Crime Stoppers are pleased to endorse and work long side of Robbie Thomas as he is a huge supporter of Crime Stoppers, in the endeavor to fight crime and keep our communities safe."
- Sean Robbins,

President, Crime Stoppers

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Robbie Thomas and Robbie Thomas Offices, works directly with Law Enforcement and Families together on murder/missing person's cases. For Police and families, who are in need of assistance due to murder or missing persons, our office will respond within 12 to 24 hours from the time you contact us. Robbie continues to diligently work along side Law Enforcement and families who seek resolve to their cases professionally. Robbie Thomas and Robbie Thomas Offices, will not and won’t, confer, share, give opinions, on any murder/missing person’s case, with anyone not working directly with Law Enforcement/Families on any case that Robbie Thomas is assisting with or not assisting with. Robbie Thomas and Robbie Thomas Offices, work on a professional level with Law Enforcement and Families, holding each in high regard and respect. Second or third parties, seeking solicited information and or help, who are not working directly with Law Enforcement/families, please don’t contact this office for information on any case. Our office will not provide any information whatsoever! 

In the event of contacting this office, seeking assistance from Robbie Thomas to help investigate In murder and or missing person's cases, there is a set fee schedule for helping in any case. This will be discussed and disclosed only with immediate family and or Law Enforcement Agencies at time of contact in an official capacity. This office won't and will not take part in giving quotes, suggestions or directives to any other person's inquiring outside said people above, meaning, general public and or third party individuals who are not immediate family and or Law Enforcement.

All correspondence to this office is of strict policy and will not be shared with anyone at anytime outside Law Enforcement, in which Robbie Thomas is assisting with on any case.  

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