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Contacting Robbie Thomas 

Robbie Thomas and Robbie Thomas Offices, works directly with Law Enforcement and Families together on murder/missing person's cases. For Police and families, who are in need of assistance in cold cases due to murder or missing persons, our office will respond within 12 to 24 hours from the time you contact us. Robbie continues to diligently work along side Law Enforcement and families seeking resolve to their cases. Robbie Thomas and Robbie Thomas Offices, will not and won’t, confer, share, give opinions, on any murder/missing person’s case, with anyone not working directly with Law Enforcement/Families on any case that Robbie Thomas is assisting with or not assisting with. Robbie Thomas and Robbie Thomas Offices, work on a professional level with Law Enforcement and Families, holding each in high regard. Second or third hand parties seeking solicited information, and or help, who are not working directly with Law Enforcement/families, please don’t contact this office seeking information on any case. Our office will not provide any information whatsoever! 

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