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On March 31st, approximately 9:25 AM, a call came into my office from active Law Enforcement Officer, Corporal, Andy DeLay from the Kenneth City Police Force. He asked, if I could help him in an "endangered missing person" call. I relayed information from a photograph he sent to my office via email and by roughly 10:35 am from the description and visions I received, the individual was located and was declared safe. (Part Of Conversation Below, Not Entire Conversation On Case) 

Open Minds: Psychic Crime Fighter with Robbie Thomas

When a child goes missing, Robbie Thomas uses his psychic abilities to assist law enforcement to solve the toughest cases. Full episode:

Posted by Gaia on Thursday, December 17, 2015

"​​Crime Stoppers are pleased to endorse and work long side of Robbie Thomas as he is a huge supporter of Crime Stoppers, in the endeavor to fight crime and keep our communities safe." 

​- Sean Robbins, President, Crime Stoppers

On November 17th, 2017, I received a message by phone, from a lady in his hometown of Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. She had a desperate plea for help, as her husband lay in a semi-coma, in the ICU Ward at the Bluewater Health Hospital in Sarnia. She asked, if there was anyone who could help reach out to Bill, (Her husband), who was in this state, as they gave her an option of taking him off life support and declared him brain dead. I explained, I knew of no one who I could recommend in the area, but suggested I would be back in Sarnia in a few days and that I would drive up to the hospital to see, if I could assist in any way. As I met with Julie the following Tuesday, the 21st, 2017, she took me to Bill's bedside in the ICU. Immediately, I felt much desperation coming to me from Julie that I began to pray to Jesus, asking him for guidance and, if possible, to please let Bill explain what is going on, so I could relay the message to Julie. After praying, I turned to Julie hugging her and then started to explain what information I was given. I said it in this fashion: “Toxic Neurological”, “Brain pressure. It’s causing this to his brain”, “Drugs doing this”, “He’ll be slow to heal”. Julies, update came a few hours later in a message to my phone of what took place…


While working a double homicide with Robbie Thomas, we together were able to distinguish many missing aspects of the case at hand. His ability to see two steps ahead and envision details is remarkable. In another case I had him give details on, the arrests were made, exactly how you said it would happen! It was just amazing! I don't endorse Psychics at all, but Robbie Thomas is one I totally stand behind."

-Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith, United States (R.I.P.)

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I feel fortunate to have been able to read about Robbie Thomas, because he is the “Real Deal.” I’ve known him for a number of years and have even discussed one of my former cases with him and currently working with him on a high profile case. Thomas pours a lot of himself into cases where he’s helped assist individuals and the police. I have great respect for Thomas and his dedication to helping the families who become the victims of unsolved murders and missing persons. It’s been interesting reading about where he comes from and what’s made him into the person he is today. It’s a fascinating trip into the mind of Thomas and a few of his many cases. Whether you’re interested in the psychic that he is or the aspect of the crimes he’s helped solve, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t and I know him! - Martha Decker, Retired Assistant Chief of Police, Tool PD​ 

Hi Robbie update.....November 21st, 2017 Late Afternoon
I asked his doctor, who is new today, what is Neurotoxicity? She wanted to know why I asked. I just said, what is it and how does it happen? She started naming things, and then told me drugs as well. She then asked the nurse, what drugs is he on? She (the nurse) started telling her (the doctor). The drug I believe and others that caused this, they are still giving him! I lost my shit!!!! I swear, the whole ICU Unit heard me. She (the doctor), also told me, I have 48 hours and then I have a hard decision, as Bill has no sign of a functioning brain and I would need to make a decision based on what he would want. She basically told me he was brain dead. I left for an hour, to sit in my car and cry. I mustered up what I could to go back. Well.....everyone was running around, giving me answers. The Neurologist finally showed up after 2 weeks. She said, "no way he is brain dead", and calmed my fears wanting to know what Dr said this! She is going to do another EEG. She said, due to all the trauma, his brain is just slowed, to allow healing. So no one wanted to do anything, until I questioned and went postal about this. Thank you for your help! It started the whole process of getting more help. You were bang on!!! Oh and when you said, “cover up for errors”......150% right!!!! 
I can't thank you enough...I owe you!!

Julie Kiff
Sarnia, Ontario

Active Law Enforcement Officer Andy DeLay's Statement...Kenneth City, Florida
"Robbie Thomas, as always your gift is spot-on. A bunch of skeptical fellow LEO's were mind blown by your description. We were hot on the trail because of your input. Thankfully local media alerts helped too. I hate to compare you to a dog, but Robbie your God given gift is no different than a LEO holding a leash behind a reliable K-9 leading us to the bad guy... or in this case the missing person who is now safe and sound! Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!"

I am the President and Founder of (MOM'S ON BULLIES) M.O.B. We are a strong advocate and fighter of any type of bullying in society today. I'm so blessed to know Robbie Thomas, and support him with his work. We have no fear when it comes to protecting our children and we take a stand against bullying. Together, we can make a difference!

-Debby Downing, President and Founder of Mom's On Bullies

"Very powerful stuff, Robbie Thomas has skills that most Police Officers could only dream of. He is the REAL DEAL!" I've had the opportunity to work a very high profile case with him and it is amazing how his ability renders tangible clues from his sight.

-Sgt. Cliff Christ, Retired Police Investigator, Colorado

​                  ​BREAKING NEWS FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 2017 


Robbie Thomas is a Psychic Medium/Spiritual Counselor, who helps internationally, families and Police fight against crime while bringing solace to those who need it. Over many years of assisting in many murder/missing person’s cases, Robbie has been able to give great details to these devastating crimes or happenings, which have led to finding lost people, arrests being made in murder cases, and bringing closure to families who desperately need it. Robbie works closely with families in conjunction with Law Enforcement. Being highly respected by Law Enforcement and in both the Paranormal/Spiritual fields of work, Robbie continues to be a great presence, working alongside many integral individuals in Film, Television and Radio, lending his ability furthering along, his experience as a Spiritual Visionary. Robbie lives in Canada and is often called upon from the international community for assistance with his ability. Being a prolific Author/Writer in the Metaphysical/Spiritual, Horror/Paranormal genre’s, he’s published eight books of his own and co-contributed to four other books. He’s written television treatments, which have been looked at and has accomplished one of them to be in development. Other projects of Robbie's have also been given consideration with other production companies (United States and Canada). Movies have also been a part of Robbie's life as he has either created or starred in, Dead Whisper 2005-2006, The Sallie House 2007, and Paradox (Parasylum Directors Cut 2009). Robbie has been seen on one-hour television specials and news media, NBC, CBS, ABC, GAIA TV, CKCO, Daytime Live Rogers Television, StarChoice, Bell Expressview, New RO (CTV), and many other television programs. He's been featured on, CBS Radio, ZTalk Radio, Kevin Smith Show, Barbara Mackey Show CBS, True Ghost Stories Show, Keeler Show New York, Bob Fm, The Eagle 103.3 FM, CHOK 1070 AM, The Fox 99.9 and more. He has been featured in many magazines worldwide such as Taps Paranormal Magazine (United States), Intrepid Magazine (United States), Visions Magazine (United States), Signs Magazine (England), Bellesprit Magazine (United States), Suspense Magazine (United States), Paranormal Magazine (England), Unexplained Paranormal Magazine (United States), Fix Magazine (Canada), Pen It Magazine (United States) and more. 

"I tend to agree with Robbie, his observances and conclusions are extremely interesting and I stress EXTREMELY!" -Gary Petterson, Death Scene Investigator/Missing Person Consultant 

"Helping those troubled to bring closure in cold cases is where Robbie Thomas has had great success in. Robbie is able to render assistance to law enforcement in a unique way that cold cases which otherwise would never be closed. Robbie is one of the best assets to law enforcements." -Maryland Law Enforcement Officer, J. Jones 

"Simply amazing to see you work as I have seen you first hand and what you do. I have never seen anyone do what you do like you do it." -Private Investigator/Criminal Investigator Consultant Dave Edwards, Chicago, Illinois

Psychic Medium Criminal Profiler  

Robbie Thomas 

GOD IS GREAT! Thank you everyone, for keeping Bill and Julie Kiff in your thoughts and prayers.
And to think a couple/few days ago, highly educated physicians, wanted to pull the plug on life support, saying he was brain dead!!!! 
Julie's update below...

Hi Robbie. Just a quick update. I have also had light therapy done on Bill for the last 2 days to correct and encourage healing. I cannot thank this person enough. He today moved his head and had chest tube has been removed. Also, his vitals are better. Between your help, which was (life saving) and directed in what to ask the neurologist and the light healing, he has come a long way. He still has a huge road to travel, but we are getting there with unconventional methods. 

"As a Peace Officer "The real deal", "a true psychic" are terms we use to describe the surprise gift we find in Robbie Thomas. For me, he must be respected and utilized when his information is offered. A witness is someone who sees what you didn't or can't and that information may be necessary to advance the case. In any serious crime investigation all tips must be followed up, no matter what your personal belief system. ​Opening your mind to Robbie may save a life or reunite loved ones and if you judge someone's investigational skill by their track record, then common sense says that his gift must be able to assist.We no longer have to fear ridicule for the assistance of psychics, it's well documented that they can help." - Cpl. James Tyson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  (R.C.M.P.)

"I have worked with Robbie Thomas first hand as an active Law Enforcement Officer. Robbie's gift coupled with good police work gives victims and families closure and puts bad guys in jail. Thank God that you have chosen to use your gift to help those who need you! In Law Enforcement, we regularly use K-9's to track down criminals who have just committed a crime. We use you, along with your gift, to track down those who have committed the worst of atrocities...That no K-9 could ever track. Thank you, Robbie!" - Law Enforcement Officer, Andy Delay, Florida