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I wanted to reach out to you and give a testimonial to the case you assisted in here in Ohio. Brother, you continuously amaze me! So, we have been discussing revisiting the case you gave help on here in Ohio and doing some filming for your show, Psychic Profiler. You asked me if U.S. Marshal Broughton would be interested and to ask him when I see him next. At that point, you told me that they are very close to solving this case and that they’re getting some unexpected help coming soon. That being said let me say this. I have not seen Jeff for a while now or discussed this case with you since you were here 5 years ago. Well, I saw Broughton today and mentioned the case, asking, if it had been solved.  He said no, but what he said next, put me in utter amazement. Jeff proceeded to tell me, he has been retired for several years now, but the department just called him and asked him, if he would interview a guy in jail about this case that said he had Info on it. Jeff agreed and the guy stated that the very guy they suspected all along and the guy you 
stated as well at the meeting is, in fact, the guy who did it. Are you ready for another amazing fact? At the reading in front of U.S. Marshal Broughton and the family, you stated that the wife was in on it and had a part in the murder.  You mentioned great details on the night in question about floor boards and walls being torn up by the ex-wife and not being on scene of her husband, who was killed. When the family member gasped and stood up saying that was one key point that wasn’t looked at and it happened just as you said it did, that was amazing! What’s more so amazing is, you pointed out well in advance to me, before reading for the family and the U.S. Marshal’s is that there were life insurance and other policies taken out and money transferred hands, which literally blew away the minds of the U.S. Marshals, because that is exactly what happened.   Well, this guy confirmed it in the testimony. He said the wife dropped him off there and waited around the corner for it to be done, just like you stated. Jeff is currently in the process of going through with this and said once this is completed he would love to do a filming with you on this case and other cases.

Robbie, you have an amazing gift and I have witnessed this on several occasions, this being the most recent. Keep up the awesome work brother.

Roger Saunders, Private Investigator
Columbus, Ohio


"The arrests were made, exactly how you said it would happen! It was just amazing! I don't endorse Psychics at all, but Robbie Thomas, is one I totally stand behind." -Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith 

"I haven't known Robbie forever, but for the time I have known Robbie, he has struck me as an amazingly perceptive person!" -Martha Decker, Retired Assistant Police Chief and Lead Detective Texas, United States  

"I tend to agree with Robbie, his observances and conclusions are extremely interesting and I stress EXTREMELY!" -Gary Petterson, Death Scene Investigator/Missing Person Consultant 

"Helping those troubled to bring closure in cold cases is where Robbie Thomas has had great success in. Robbie is able to render assistance to law enforcement in a unique way that cold cases which otherwise would never be closed. Robbie is one of the best assets to law enforcements." -Maryland Law Enforcement Officer, J. Jones 

"Simply amazing to see you work as I have seen you first hand and what you do. I have never seen anyone do what you do like you do it." -Private Investigator/Criminal Investigator Consultant Dave Edwards, Chicago, Illinois 

"Very powerful stuff, Robbie Thomas has skills that most Police Officers could only dream of. He is the real deal!" -Sgt.Cliff Christ retired Police Investigator, Colorado 

"I have worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years and have also been a long time fan of the paranormal genre. I have never witnessed first hand events like what Robbie can do. Not only has he been a solid piece of the puzzle in so many criminal cases, he also has the very real ability to reach out to the other side. Having said 'You have to be there to believe it' doesn't do enough justice. At one live performance that I had attended he was able to make contact with loved ones and give information that would blow your mind. It really was jaw dropping and you can easily see how he is able to connect and help solve cases. Robbie truly is the real deal!" -Louie La Vella-President/Exec Producer La Vella Entertainment Group Producer/Host - BPM:TV Canada 

I am the President and Founder of (MOM'S ON BULLIES) M.O.B. We are a strong advocate and fighter of any type of bullying in society today. I'm so blessed to know Robbie Thomas, and support him with his work. We have no fear when it comes to protecting our children and we take a stand against bullying. Together, we can make a difference! -Debby Downing, President and Founder of Mom's On Bullies

Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith, Interviews Robbie Thomas on the Copy Cat Baseline Killers Case

Arizona, United States

Producer Goes Missing For The X Zone Radio Show 

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From: Producer 

To: rob thomas 

Sent: Saturday, February 04, 2006 10:18 AM 

Subject: 'X'Zone Radio 

Dear Robbie, Sometimes I think you are an angel...I'm sorry I didn't get your reply in time , but,....It all worked out okay . I have wonderful news,... Corey's' mom just called and he is fine ! He was ticked off, just like you said.....he said he didn't think anyone would even notice he was gone. Thank-you for all you have done Robbie..........we so very much appreciate it. 

God Bless,  Laura and Rob

I wanted to congratulate you on the case here in Louisville (Ceasar Ivan Cano). Your description of the alleged killer was to a “T”. Not just his physical description but his habits, where and how he would be found. I know that even though he has been caught, it is still a bittersweet victory!”

Keith Age, Host of Spooked Sy-Fy Channel 

January 29/2013 copied from email sent to our office "Robbie, about 3-5 years ago somewhere in this time frame you attended a paranormal convention across from the Louisville Kentucky Expo center and fairgrounds at a hotel (can't remember the name of the hotel I believe it has been torn down or redeveloped by now) where I met you at, I'm sure you don't remember me I was young at the time, but my parents Lisa and Eddie Lawrence had a tattoo booth for their shop Creative Ink held there and of the days we attended, our house was broken into and you helped us and gave us hints as to who had broken into the house, thanks to you we were able to find the criminal!" 

Thank You, Robbie 


To Catch A Thief

I also emailed Mr. Bland and John Boel the Ky. sex offenders on line page and told them to look at it. On Monday I left a message on Mr. Boels voice mail asking him for Mr. 2x's phone number and he called back and left me a voice mail with his number. I gave you his number and Mr. 2x was really moved with all you had came up with and said those were the best leads the police could of had and he was going to contact the Chief of police and the detective in charge of the case to find out why they never followed your leads.The next day I contacted him and he told me that the police said they had followed "all" the leads they had gotten and they made an announcement that night on the news that they has followed "all "the leads. They waited until he was found dead then followed your clues and went to Cecil's home and gathered evidence. Mr. 2x told me on July 16th that they had told him that they had followed your clues. Robbie your gift is one that cannot be topped, you came here for the Bardstown fire, and then spent time trying to help find little Caesar. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May God always bless you in everything you do.

Frances Etienne

Private Investigator
Louisville, KY

On Saturday July 7th they announced that a small boys body had been found by the garbage men as they were getting ready to compact their truck. The whole community knew that this was little Caesar and on Monday July 9th the coroner confirmed that this was him. The sad thing about this is that all of your clues were completely right. Police brought in the cadaver dogs and they followed the scent to a (first clue) mans house right behind where Caesar lived. The home was that of a man named "CECIL"(second clue). His home is in eye view of Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium (third clue). The mans middle name is Eugene in Spanish it is pronounced Juan(4th clue). Caesar was found right behind where he lived (5th clue). On the day Caesar came up missing the police and searchers went door to door asking people if they had seen him. One of the people they asked was Cecil he said he had seen him pulling up LG&E utility flags in his yard and he told him to stop and go home(6th clue safety vest of workers who were putting down flags). Cecil is a convicted child molester who had served time for molesting nine and ten year old boys(7th clue). 

4 Year Old Little Angel Ivan Cano 

Dear Robbie, I want to thank you for all your help when I called and asked you to help find Caesar Aquilar-Cano on June 30, 2007. He had wandered away from his home and had not returned. You have always been there to help when called upon and took this case and started communicating with little Caesar. On July 2nd you emailed me a diagram with a picture of the man who had him and the name Cecil above it with an arrow pointing to the man's picture, you also had 4 round circles that had stadium written under it and that it was not far away from Caesars home.You explained to me these were lights like you would see at a stadium, but that they were out. Your description of this man had a lot of details, he picks his nose a lot, or plays with nose a lot, smokes a lot, shoes untied or undone, he was wearing a muscle shirt and gray or white track pants.  

You also said Caesar was locked in a small room, that this man had pictures of other small boys. You also had John and Juan written down and the number 1478. I took the John as meaning "Papa Johns Cardinal stadium' there are stadium lights there.You wrote down men in safety vest, orange and yellow stripes. I contacted the Detective in charge of his case James Bland by phone and told him about what you had sent me. He gave me his email address and said he was in a meeting, but he would take it and check it out asap. I emailed it to immediately with your contact number and mine and told him to call you for you could explain your info on the diagram to him. After 2 hours, I contacted you to see if he had called and you said no, so I immediately emailed your info to John Boel the lead news man at WLKY-TV 32 news channel here in Louisville. I tried to find the number to contact Christopher 2x our community activist here in Louisville.

My Notes: 

Some of the principals involved in this case, who were the ones I seen and felt did this crime and ended up interviewing/questioning their involvement, have now passed on by their own hands in the last year of 2013- 2014. Sometimes, the demon’s one keeps within themselves, torments a soul vigorously enough that Karma becomes their own doing. A coward’s way out of facing justice one might say, however, God deals with the evil in his own way and at the appropriate time. The corruption (not all the police), in the police in the county this devastation took place, really needs to be attended to. One witness I had the opportunity to interview, who admitted on recording of the crime, yet along with said corruption, walked away from being charged, because of the bad in that corruption. He sits in his thoughts pondering his life now, as I have found out. Like I said, Karma will tend to the evil in time. God Bless the Brewer Family and may they all find peace in this life until they are reunited in heaven with two very loving people, Herbert Brewer and Herbie Brewer Jr.. Amen! 

​Love For A Father And Brother - Herbert Brewer and Herbie Brewer Jr.

We called in a Psychic Profiler, Robbie Thomas. We heard him on a radio program of a friend of ours and he was talking and describing our dad and brothers case. This was before we had contacted him to come down here. He said, there were three attackers and he described details that my niece didn't know about yet, but some of us kids did, because we were sworn to secrecy in order to keep from damaging the case.  Thank you, Robbie, for believing us when the local police had turned their back on our case. Your help in getting the answers we were looking for is greatly appreciated by the friends and family of Herbert Brewer and Herbie Brewer Jr. Although, we didn't receive the conviction we were hoping for, you found witnesses who were willing to tell us 

what they saw that night and it helped us to find a sense of closure that we had been seeking for so long. The justice that Dad and Herbie deserve will be dealt out in the next life if not this one. 
Friends Forever, in this life and the next. 
Alene Brewer Spurlock, Kentucky, United States

Victoria Stafford - A Beautiful Little Angel

My family became acquainted with Robbie Thomas as we desperately searched for my niece Victoria (Tori) Stafford. Robbie contacted my mother on line, offering his services. Never having been in this type of situation before we were willing to take any offer of assistance to help us locate Tori. Many things that Robbie told have proven accurate though it is his being (rather than his gift) for which I will be eternally grateful. Although our situation ended with our greatest fears, I find peace in knowing we did everything we could have done to bring Victoria back to our family. Robbie was an integral part of these efforts. Thanks to his gentle encouragement, we found ourselves providing police with information that we had not previously imagined to be of importance. We were given comfort, strength and support through Robbie’s involvement in our greatest time of need. As a result I will always be thankful that we were blessed with his benevolence. I wholeheartedly believe in his abilities, and I encourage others to accept his willingness to help. 

With much love, respect and appreciation, I say thank you Robbie. 

Rebecca Stafford (Nichols) Woodstock, Ontario, Canada

She had a girlfriend that I guess she thought cared more about her then we did. This girlfriend introduced her into a world of prostitution. Now occasionally I would hear from her and meet her at certain places and that gave me a sense of relief that she was still okay. I would receive the odd text of her having black eyes or her cellphone was smashed so she couldn’t text me. Now I didn’t know what she was involved at this point, until I started doing more research into it and taking the clues about bruises and phones being broken. I was given a tip one day about her being on websites for escort services. I saw her picture on line and she was only 17.

This is a parents worst nightmare. I felt ashamed, totally lost and helpless! Then came the time where I hadn’t heard from her in two weeks. I was at a total loss as to what to do, I contacted Robbie Thomas through facebook. I have known Robbie since the 1990’s when he hosted an MSN chat room. He has given me very accurate readings where he has even given me names of loved ones, so I trusted his talent to help me with my daughter. Out of the goodness of his heart he was able to verify my worst nightmare and supported me through this terrible ordeal of my life. He helped me bring my daughter home ALIVE! He is a wonderful human being filled with compassion and kindness. I hope that my story will help parents, teenagers anybody that might find themselves in the situation I was in! There is hope out there! This is one story where we were not investigating a murder and the ending was truly happy!

Thank You, Robbie!

Kim Landry-Flewelling

We all know how difficult it can be raising teenage daughters, so it comes as no surprise to parents that we always just don’t get along! Well that day came last winter to me and my daughters relationship! She left home and I never heard from her, only on occasion just to let me know that she was still alive. I was left behind by my daughter and her daughter that she had when she was just 14. An already troubled teenager that had support from her family didn’t realize (nor did I) what she was about to endure in the coming months.

A Mother's Worst Nightmare!

​Kim Landry-Flewelling

Authur, Ontario, Canada 

In Loving Memory

This page is dedicated to those who have gone missing or have been murdered. These are some of the cases Robbie has assisted in with Law Enforcement and or families, who have reached out for his help. During the course of many years, Robbie has never accepted payment, or reward from any case he's helped Police or Families with. The letters below have been written by either family, or Law Enforcement in reflection of letting the public know of the work Robbie does to help. They are the words of encouragement, and faith for those who are going through a dark time in their lives in such cases, so that they don’t give up that hope of finding peace and solace in their lives while finding a resolve to their cases.

(All letters were sent to Robbie Thomas Offices to be placed on this website by those who have written them. Permission has been given to the Office of Robbie Thomas to have them placed below.)

George Hayes Program Director- 99.9 The Fox Quote taken from live show on the Fox Radio February 10, 2010 ... "... you're doing these sketches and the thoughts before anything comes out; before they even go and investigate it, or even find out some of these details. I remember you off air talking about the Victoria Stafford case and saying those exact same things before they ever even investigated that part. So I know you're telling me stuff that eventually came true. I'm kinda a skeptic my self, so I kinda.. I believe it. Yeah, I believe it. Definitely." 

Live on KTLK AM 1130 Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader, Robbie goes over items of interest and information pertaining to the disappearance of Caylee Anthony as he gives his impressions of what he sees. The show was live in 2008, just after the arrest of Casey Anthony the mother and weeks before they found Caylee Anthony. Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio on KTLK 1130 AM handed over all information from Robbie to the authorities on the case. There are a couple things Robbie kept coming up with and seeing such as Caylee being suffocated, not being able to breath and caused by the mother. A personal item left at the crime scene from the mother (the sticker on the piece of tape placed as a personal goodbye from the mother). The fence line that abruptly stopped before the wooded area and that it was under water. The statements in which the mother made that were contradictory and the fact of an inclusion in her private notes that seemed to be dated differently in sequence than it should have been (Her diary had a personal notation that was out of sync and dated wrong). The (O.C. and park) which evidently led to the fact the (Orange County) Sheriff's department involvement and the park in that county which Caylee was found. Everything recorded plus the many other notes handed over were very poignant to and pertinent to the case. (Note: None of the information was made public of what you hear from the time Caylee was arrested and this show aired long before any of the above was mentioned in the news or media from any source.) 

Robbie assisted live on radio in 2008 five separate murder/missing persons cases on Darkness Radio with Dave Schrader on KTLK AM 1130. The cases involved were Caylee Anthony, Logan Tucker, Jacob Wetterling, Chris Tickle and Jodi Huisentruit. You'll hear what one of the lead investigators in the Jodi Huisentruit murder/missing persons case has to say about the evidence given by Robbie in this case. As a side note, Robbie was given only photographs of each individual and their name twenty minutes before the show started. The information given for each case was written out and emailed back just before the show began and during the show in order to keep the integrity of the Psychic Profiling done live on air.  

Robbie was asked to give information on the Jacob Wetterling Case from Minnesota in 2008. All the information given during the live radio broadcast and notes, were handed over to the police on the case from KTLK AM 1130 Darkness Radio, Dave Schrader. The actual name given during this read, was kept with the notes and given to authorities as Dave Schrader mentioned. Much of the information during the show has been cut out so not to give any detailed information away, however, the integrity of the session and the show were held in high respect.