​Lester Jones Was Just Recently Convicted December 27, 2016

I feel fortunate to have been able to read about Robbie Thomas, because he is the “Real Deal.” I’ve known him for a number of years now, and have even discussed one of my former cases with him. At present, I am currently working with him on his show he created, Psychic Profiler, as we tackle some of the most heinous crimes in America. Thomas pours a lot of himself into cases, where he’s helped assist individuals and the police for many years. I have great respect for Thomas and his dedication to helping the families who have become the victims of unsolved murders and missing persons. Whether you’re interested in the psychic that he is or the aspect of the crimes he’s helped solve, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t and I know him!

- Martha Decker, Retired Assistant Chief of Police, Tool PD

​Robbie was invited on KTLK AM 1130, to help out in several cases during a live broadcast, which was approved by investigators of each case discussed during this broadcast. The information Robbie gave during the Caylee Anthony reading live, was very accurate during the show, which proved to be very helpful in this case. 

Robbie's tenth book, 'Psychic Profiler, The Real Deal' is a work in progress, as there are many more cases being written and placed within its pages. A look into the front lines on many murder/missing persons' cases Robbie has assisted Law Enforcement and bringing solace along with closure to families who so desperately need it.

​"The arrests were made, exactly how you said it would happen! It was just amazing! I don't endorse Psychics at all, but Robbie Thomas, is one I totally stand behind." -Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith

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"​​Crime Stoppers are pleased to endorse and work long side of Robbie Thomas as he is a huge supporter of Crime Stoppers, in the endeavor to fight crime and keep our communities safe." 
​- Sean Robbins, Board Of Directors, Crime Stoppers

Investigator Sgt. Cliff Christ, speaks on the recent arrest and conviction of Lester Jones and Robbie assisting.

"Out of the goodness of his heart he was able to verify my worst nightmare and supported me through this terrible ordeal of my life. He helped me bring my daughter home ALIVE!"

-Kim Landry Flewelling, Ontario, Canada  

Active Law Enforcement Officer, Andy DeLay, endorses the work I've done with him on a double homicide in Kentucky.

Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith, speaks with Robbie on KSTV. Kevin would later join Robbie In Filming of Psychic Profiler.  R.I.P. 

Assistant Chief Of Police, Martha Decker, endorsing and speaking on cases we have and currently working together.

Program Director, George Hayes, from 99.9 The Fox FM radio show, discusses events that took place in a high profile case in Ontario, Canada. The kidnapping and murder of Victoria Stafford with Robbie Thomas. Listen how George describes the sketches and details given by Robbie, before the Police investigated his findings and found it all to be accurate and true. 

"Real cases by the renowned psychic, Robbie Thomas' new series "Psychic Profiler" This is the show to watch!" -Jodi Hanson, Suspense Magazine

"Robbie Thomas and the Psychic Profiler Series, will be a fresh approach to today's television programming that’s inspiring and amazing to see.”

-CEO/Editor- in-Chief, Belle Salisbury, Bellesprit Magazine

We are set on the principles of helping families, who seek solace they’re after, while assisting Law Enforcement to find the resolve to either closing or re-opening murder/missing person’s cases. The show is built on team commitment and total respect for all involved. We hold the highest regard for human life and Psychic Profiler is there, for everyone who reaches out for help in their time of need during crises they have. The integrity of the show is built around the professionals who work diligently together with families and law enforcement on each case presented.
Psychic Profiler
Putting families first, while helping to put criminals where they belong!


Michael Lamport & Greggory Sheppard 
Rescue Mediums/Curious and Unusual Deaths/St Roz/In Your Wildest Dreams 

We are working in partnership with Robbie Thomas, to bring a new and exciting series to television entitled, "Psychic Profiler." Robbie has amazing abilities and has helped many families deal with the grief and the unknown surrounding the unexpected passing of their loved ones. He assists with law enforcement across North America and internationally. We hope this series will soon be broadcast and we hope that all of our efforts will help heal the terrible wounds that are inflicted upon the victim and the remaining family and friends when a heinous crime has been committed. 

Psychic Profiler Television Show In Development