Signs From Heaven is one of Robbie's written works that has brought peace for many years, to those who have been seeking solace in their lives. Robbie is a Best Selling Author, who has brought forward the truth of living and passing over, giving those, much-needed reassurance worldwide.      

Robbie Thomas was born as a medium between this life here and life on the other side. Being able to express the gift of Clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient psychic/medium, he has helped people around the world in murder/missing person’s cases, bringing resolve and closure with astounding results, backed by endorsements from Police and families alike. He is one of the most sought after Psychic Mediums today for the toughest cold cases internationally.  As a true catalyst between worlds, he has given of his gift, in helping those who would like one more chance, to sit and express the love they have for loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.  He is extremely blessed from God, to have the gift of sight and ability to provide insight, guidance and direction to those who seek him out today.  
Robbie Thomas affirms his belief in God, Angels, and the Saints, as there are many miracles that take place daily from Heaven or as some would call it, the other side. From assisting in murder cases, giving murderer’s names, locations of bodies, bringing home people alive and giving that one last moment of validation for one’s soul, Robbie is indeed helping those who need it most at a time of their need.

15 Minute General Reading By Phone With Robbie $150 USD

     Please Have Your Questions Ready At Time Of Appointment!

​     Once Appointment Is Scheduled, It Is Important To Keep It!

​                 (Please Read Carefully The Note Below)

Open Minds: Psychic Crime Fighter with Robbie Thomas

When a child goes missing, Robbie Thomas uses his psychic abilities to assist law enforcement to solve the toughest cases. Full episode:

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 To book a specific session date please call 519-312-2891 and leave your name and number, someone from this office will call you back to schedule that date and time if available. Once your session date and time are decided, please confirm with the purchase through PayPal the type of reading you wish. Appointments are only finally booked, through confirmation of payment made through PayPal. You'll be notified thereafter by email, for a second time of your appointment date and time with Robbie.

It is essential once you have considered booking with Robbie that you purchase the date and time you wanted. We can't guarantee a date and time, if you haven't purchased that specific session or wait too long to do so, as it is a first come-first booked confirmation.

Please Note...If paying by (E-Check) payments usually take up to 10 days to clear in some circumstances, therefore, your appointment will have to be booked beyond that projected check clearing.

Scheduling ... Re-Scheduling ... Forfeit Of Session And Costs   

Once your reading is completely book, Robbie will place a phone call to you for your session. If during the time scheduled you are not available or don't answer your phone, Robbie will then reschedule your appointment for a later date with you through Email. If by chance, once again, you are not available at that specific time and date for your session, you will forfeit your session and complete cost of that session. (If at this time you want to reschedule a date and time with Robbie again, this would cost you a purchase of yet another session at full price stated.)

Unforeseen Circumstances 

Robbie's schedule at times can be very intrusive with much going on assisting Police with murder/missing person's cases and his schedule on a whole. There may be a need to reschedule appointments due to these circumstances. We do apologize for this inconvenience and will do our best to accommodate you for another date and time.   

30 Minute Phone Reading By Phone With Robbie $250 USD

Please Have Your Questions Ready At Time Of Your Appointment!

                   Up To 30 Minutes With Robbie Thomas

   Once Appointment Is Scheduled, It Is Important To Keep It!

                 (Please Read Carefully The Note Below)   


Things To Remember When You've Booked Your Session With Robbie!

 -Be sure to write your date and time down on your calendar, so you won't run into problems of forgetting your appointment.  

-Be sure to have your list of questions handy for the time allotted with Robbie.

-Don't feel rushed or anxious during your session, as it is a one on one with Robbie and this is your time you purchased with him. He wants you to get the most out of your time during your reading that you and him share.

-Never be afraid to bring things up while your reading is taking place, confirmation, validation because this will help you to go through the motions of understanding your connection during this time.

-If at any time, after your session with Robbie you wish to have more time, he will then schedule an additional date for you and him to revisit another reading for you.

-During your session, it is always a good thing for you to find that quiet time while Robbie reads for you. Find a nice comfortable area in your home that you are ok with and away from distractions of any sort as this will interfere with the valuable time purchased.

We hope this helps you in preparation for your session with Robbie and send many blessings for your encounter with Spirit. May God Bless you always...   

In Person One Hour Reading Session With Robbie $599 USD

Booking This Appointment Will Require Setting Up A Date & Time With This Office. Once Appointment Is Scheduled, This Time & Date Will Be Binding. (For Local Appointments Only In Sarnia Area)