Robbie's first book, which was released 2003/2004. He also had a radio show named after this book in 2004-2008 on BBS Radio and Achieve Radio Network. 

The Paranormal/Horror Trilogy Is Complete!

Robbie has finished this fact-based trilogy with one dark rollercoaster ride that'll leave you breathless! Dare to enter into the most ominous?

Parasylum III Resurrected  

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"This is a truly inspiring book!" - Roger Gallaway, PC, MP Federal Government Official of Canada  

"Magnificent insight to the journey to the other side." - Mike Ricksecker, My Ghost Story & A Haunting  

"This book is a definite must read for anyone traveling the spiritual road of life" - Belle Sprit Magazine"

I didn't want this book to end! Robbie Thomas words permeated my very existence and were indelibly inscribed in my mind. For you are a true 'pillar of light', a messenger of God!" - Reverend May Leilani Schmidt, Spiritual Healer

"More than just an apocalyptic tale! Many events detailed in Time Shift have come to pass...Simply Amazing!" -Mike Ricksecker, My Ghost Story


"The book is living proof of what has happened, what's happening, and what possibly could happen! It's Remarkable!"-Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith Show

CBS RADIO -"Intense! Brilliant! Explosive! Well written, a Best Seller by far!"

"Engrossing! Outstanding book, Robbie Thomas!" -Editor-in-Chief/Best Selling Author Scotty Roberts


"One thing I can say is, THIS BOOK IS OFF THE HOOK! Best Seller All The Way!" -Mike Carson, Rock 106 FM/Sunny 98 FM/The Wolf 98.3 FM

“Scarier than ever! Without a doubt will have your heart pounding and you at the edge of your seat!”- Jodi Hanson, Suspense Magazine

“The Parasylum series, is becoming “Iconic” in the horror genre with its terror scare value.” Mike Kalinowski, Schiffer’s Publishing Book Review Critic

“I said the first book in this series was a real page-turner. Well, this book goes beyond that description!”-Martha Decker, Award Winning Journalist/Paranormal Researcher

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"Robbie Thomas has proven himself to many people as both a psychic and a man with clear and unique bridge to the spiritual realm. The book is divided into short sections that cover many topics, and its a great reference for those days when you are having difficulty with a decision or just want to know you are not alone. It wraps you in a warm blanket of solace, and by that, lives up to its bold title!" - Award Winning Film Producer Ronald James

A daily uplifting and well written in reflection for the soul! Everyone who reads this book, will carefully place a bookmarker within his or her heart, which will give abundant solace within. The writing is that of great origin, the finest in the guidance from spirit, to which each who turns the pages will be exuberant with enlightenment. Each page grows with you as you are drawn into the spiritual uplifting element of this book. Without further ado, allow yourself to feel whole in spirit when the message is, To You From Spirit.

 "In modern times rarely does an author mesh the factual strength of hard science with uplifting beauty of pure spirituality. One thing I can guarantee is that you will be a much different person when you start reading this book from the one you' ll become once you've finish"-Michael Esposito, EVP Researcher/Paranormal Investigator

"Robbie Thomas has changed my life! This book and his teachings have changed a lot in me and the way I look at things. I am sure if you read this book, you too will find what you are looking for!"
-Trevor "Moose" Stoyko, Radio DJ Bob Fm

"I truly enjoyed this book. It's well thought out and offers us a better way of looking at the dream messages we are sent." -Sherry Dillinger

From Best Selling Author Robbie Thomas comes a book that will help you discover those hidden messages. The soul carries many messages from our subconscious giving notice to us in various ways. It’s how we interpret the meanings of those messages that we're able to find the reprieve we seek. We carry burden throughout our day, which leaves us wondering, questioning any resolve whatsoever. When our dreams start to reflect this, it’s time to take action finding the hidden message for our peace. Dreaming is a detailed book taking you through many different types of dreams, how to record your dreams properly and giving you the ability to work within your means to decipher their meanings. It’s a direct spiritual look through your soul and how you, the dreamer, can remedy the solace you seek.

The renegades of time past, walk through corridors that house the evil of many years. Time bandits, one might say, yet those gangsters who ran amuck in history, are now running around behind closed doors alive still. Prohibition, gambling, robbing banks, murder, the crime syndicate ran things that took over the country and are still here. Times of the tough and those who wanted to survive, survived the best way they knew how, or they just ended up dead! The speakeasy’s, grand hotels, and gambling houses, lined the boulevards of many vast cities. Gangs formed, taking cuts in territory, money and even in prostitution rings. Many of the notorious, left their trademarks on many lives throughout the early parts of the twentieth century, only to create one of the most read about historical times ever. Fast forward to modern times, as news stories carry interest still in the public eye. Who were these felons, these sophisticated, well dressed and yes even at times, well-mannered men and women, who called themselves Gangsters? The whispers of yesteryear, still are somewhat ignored, but there’s one place that speaks volumes as the echoes linger…The Rendezvous Hotel-Register won’t you!

The mind is a complex yet simple frame to be in. We travel many different corridors to understanding, which at some point we become enlightened to what it is that plagues us. Enter the mindscape that transforms dreams into nightmares and nightmares into reality. The way we perceive life is only a perception with some, who share in the illusion of disillusionment. We create the path in which we walk, yet the trail upon which one steps could very well be a story that is never ending. Welcome to Parasylum, where what may seem impossible is possible and what might seem sinister is just plain evil!

Anchored in the subjective mindset, he relinquishes his will to the inevitable. Everything seems to be of a set memory, glimpses from the past, forged into the now, leaving only the permeated sense of nothingness. Hung like a ragdoll in abject misery, the echoes of many shake the very foundation upon which the hallowed grounds cry. He closes his eyes, only to recount once more, everything over, and over again. There's no escaping this torture from within, welcome to your Nightmare!

"Parasylum cements Thomas as 'THE' author in horror to keep your eye on!"-Horror Fix Magazine

"One of the best Horror/Thriller rides ever!"-Mike Kalinowski, Schiffer Publishing Book Review Critic

"Parasylum, a terrifying read that will leave you jumping at bumps in the night!"-Chapters And Chats/Suspense Magazine

"Thankfully we have never investigated a place as haunted as Parasylum! I think if we ever did, I would run. Run as far away as I possibly could and never look back over my shoulder."-Michael Lamport, Award Winning Film Producer, Lamport& Sheppard Entertainment

A team of inexperienced paranormal investigators, find themselves involved in the deepest, darkest recesses, of the unknown when they enter into Grandview's Asylum. The souls of yesteryear seek revenge on whomever enter into the abyss of no return. The horrors are plenty with many twists and turns and an ending that will keep you shaking your head. Enter into the mindscape where a dream turns into a nightmare and the nightmare is your reality.

'Paranormal Encounters' is a complete, comprehensive, behind-the-scenes look at paranormal investigations and at two paranormal movies Robbie has appeared in. It's where first-time-ever communications with the other side was captured in direct conversations with a psychic medium. You're going to be captivated by what the other side has to say, as Robbie Thomas brings forward more than just validation that was caught on EVP and film, but the truth behind each place visited on this journey. The uninvited were most prevalent during these many factual moments that were all documented in real time, either on film, electronic voice phenomena, or written documentation in script form. As you read through these chilling accounts, you will become more than will be living Paranormal Encounters!

"One reason this book is unique is that for the very first time, actual communication from numerous spirits have been simultaneously recorded, both on audiotapes and film at the same exact time as Robbie Thomas translated what the spirits were saying!" - Award Winning Screen Writer/Author, Gloria Sheppard

"Robbie is AMAZING in his ability, to peg details known only to family, friends and staff in the glaring detail and accuracy. What a great read for anyone interested in the paranormal or the after life!" -Bob Davis, CEO Planet Paranormal Entertainment