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"More than just an apocalyptic tale! Many events detailed in Time Shift have come to pass...Simply Amazing!" -Mike Ricksecker, My Ghost Story and The Haunted

CBS Radio Show, Paranormal View calls it, "Intense! Brilliant! Explosive! Well written, a Best Seller by far!"

20 year veteran Award Winning Journalist, Martha Hazzard Decker gives Time Shift ★★★★★ and says "Difficult to Put Down!"

"Astounding Roller Coaster Ride. This Book Is Epic! It is well written as the climax begins on page 2 right to the end with an unexpected twist. Just Genius!" Michael Kalinowski, Book Review Critic for Schiffer Publishing

"A heart-felt, world needed message surrounded by a nail bitingly exciting action thriller!"- Geoffrey Gould, Motion Picture, Television Actor

Time Shift promises to be a "MUST READ!" summer "MUST HAVE!" - Chase Kloetzke, Former Deputy Director of Investigations Mufon


★★★★★ Everyone needs to read this book! It makes you look at the world differently. Enjoyed Very Much! -Pam Jordan, United States

★★★★★Finished reading Time Shift - The Paradigm last night. WOW! Thoroughly enjoyed it. It would make an awesome movie! -Lesley Powell-Coates, Australia

Wow! That had me, brilliant work Robbie! -Caroline Beagan, Ireland

Very intriguing and well written! I love the part where you bring in the Mayan Prophecies! -Dianne Laramee-Jett, Canada Awesome read Robbie! Well done, you're an incredible author! -Dennis Pearce, United States

Well done Robbie! Have just finished reading Time Shift on my beloved kindle and loved every minute of it! -Debora Peden-Hughes, Australia

I can see the book as a movie! It's filled with adventure & intrigue. -Rose Bean Schledwitz, United States

★★★★★Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! It is well worth it! Impossible to put down. -Dale M Philips Bybee, United States

I can't just say one thing about your book, it is really good, hard to put down. I love how it is written, it's not like any other book I have read. Awesome! -Kristine Newton Deman, Ontario, Canada

What A Read, Wow! I have entered the "Time Shift" and what a ride it is! Awesome read as always, Robbie- YOU RAWK!! -Brenda May Marie, Canada

★★★★★ "A Breath of fresh air in the Genre!" Amazon Reviewer in the United Kingdom, Claudine Astbury

​Moments that lead up to the first event 9.0 – Tsunami –Japan 
March 2 2011 on Facebook headlines in a posting> PANIC< 

​March 10 2011 Phone conversations between Don Hutcheson Producer/Director of Liftoph Productions and myself about writing in 9.0 Earthquake and Tsunami in the movie script. March 10 2011 posting talks more about Peru, the chaos in the world and more nations etc. March 10 2011 Last posting for the night “My prediction for tomorrow for everyone! Tomorrow will bring much promise, it’s how you accept what is given and shape it the way you Wish will make it come true!” 

​March 11 2011 The 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami Strike Japan 

​“In early 2011, Robbie and I were discussing his movie scripts for his Psychic Nightmare Trilogy. He mentioned to me, he was writing a new script that had an end of times theme to it. It was a worldwide apocalypse with catastrophic events in Peru, United States, and Japan. On March 10, 2011 in a telephone conversation, Robbie described for me the turbulent end-of-the world events contained in the writings, which included a giant tsunami caused by a nine point zero (9.0) earthquake. I thought nothing of it until Robbie and I talked two days later after the event in Japan. Imagine my surprise when the eight point nine (8.9) earthquake that caused the tsunami that hit Japan was reclassified as a nine point zero (9.0) earthquake. It is either a remarkable coincidence or a premonition written by Robbie and discussed with me just a day before it actually happened. Remarkable!" 

~ Don Hutcheson, Creative Producer, Liftoph Productions 


​I was pushing to release the book sooner than I anticipated, thus I had a feeling I should. May 8th 2012 the book published on Amazon Kindle then again on May 10 2012 on Amazon hardcopy. The cover of the book itself shows our world as we know it, burning through the Mayan Calendar pushing forward giving the meaning there is no end to humanity in the 13th cycle baktun. It’s also written about in the book as scientist find a missing link to the Mayan Calendar to prove we as a human race will survive and move forward. On May 10, 2012 breaking news on CNN, Scientists find a complete Mayan Calendar that explained the complete 13 th cycle of the baktun and that we move on to the 14th cycle baktun. The apocalyptic ending that so many were fearing from the old Mayan Calendar quickly changed many viewpoints. 

This had to of been the reason I was spiritually pushed to release the book before I actually wanted too. It became major event number 2 to come to fruition proving the publishing date and what is written along with the illustration of the books cover.  


​As I write about English – Spanish Speaking scientists in Peru making a significant find of very much importance in a “sealed Entrance of a temple”, on May 22nd 2012 in a news article “French –Spanish Speaking Scientists” really do make a find just exactly as I describe in the book and they make a request to enter on that date.The article sent me from a researcher Alex Thomas who has been following all the actual events coming to fruition, and in his words, “this is very uncanny as yet another prediction in writing has come true.” The wording in the article is so much similar to what is in the book about this sealed unique find for the world.


​I write in the book about parallel universe that mirrors our universe and a world exactly like ours! People can see it like looking through a looking glass. On November of 2012 (CNN carried the story) that scientist have found a parallel universe exactly like ours and a planet that “mirrors” our planet. It is in the living zone.  The terminology written in the book and published well before this event took place is exactly how they describe in in the news article once again that aired on CNN and other news agencies worldwide. 


​In Russia and what has happened with the meteor, in the book, Robbie Thomas writes about fire in the sky and he also writes of buildings being reduced to rubble. There were 4000 buildings damaged and some reduced to rubble from this happening. He also write about the people with many of them being hurt. Over 1200 people were hurt from the meteor. 


​On pages 40-41-42 and 43, Robbie writes how the American President along with his administrators in office who work with him, are discussing how the NASA data collected and also how they think the Russians would blame them for HAARP or the Solarise Project for this happening. In the news, a Russian politician who ran for the presidency named Vladimir pointed his finger at the United States accusing them of using some type of sophisticated weapon on Russia and mentions "HAARP". (A little added part to the book, on page 43, Robbie names a man Igor Vladimir) in research, you’ll find that Igor is actually Vladimir’s son and his son runs his political party.   


In the book there are many different elements coming true. One of these have now come to fruition, where it is written about the team of scientists collecting data in the North Pole. The sequence of events and the terminology used is astounding as it has been mentioned in the news article provided in the link below. The actual release date of the book has now made a benchmark of 1 year, that being May 8th 2012 and since its inception in March 2011, 7 visions have come true. This being May 25th 2013, the news article is specifically detailed in when the data was collected by the scientists in the North Pole pertaining to the written work within the book. 



What troubles out world today is the Ukraine and Russia. Robbie writes about a region or city named, Domensk that befalls much trouble. He also writes how the president of the United States has several conversations on the phone with the Russian President. The Russian President makes mention of his beloved Russia is falling apart. President Putin has made mention of how his former U.S.S.R. has fallen away and wants to reunite the former soviet bloc. What is transpiring at this moment in time being April 2014, Donetsk pronounced almost like the way Robbie has written it in his book (Domensk) is the focal point with a break away separatist Russian group wanting Jewish people to register their names for accountability. This would be the actual falling apart of the mighty Russian government as they seem to be losing control of the situation at hand.

                      8 Premonitions/Visions Within The Story Have Come True So Far!

Media, Critics and Fans Are Stunned!

To further along the accounts, which have now come to fruition through the writing of  Time Shift The Paradigm, I’ve decided to put in chronicle logical order, each happening from the inception of this body of work. What you will read from articles and that of shows of recent, are the facts, which are laid out in research to back everything that has been written prior, during, and after the events that have come to pass. This, has now caught the eye of those in the media and many around the world, as a heightened awareness is taking place and those who want to seek more in knowing how the book itself, has gone from a fictional storyline, to an actual factual living history unfolding before our eyes. From the inception of the ‘Idea’ to write a movie script based on the same name as the book, the vision of what’s now written, flowed like it was a piece of real life being shown me and at the time I was aloof to what was actually being played out and continued to write the fluency of the story. Although, making postings in a public forum with headings such as (and what you are about to read is exactly how it is posted), “>PANIC<” then listing the chaotic happenings from the story that would later play out after it was published. This happened several times within a week’s period from March 2nd up until March 10th 2011, describing what would unfold from the storyline, knowing it was a fictional intent and then having everything come true at a later date was striking. Having an in depth conversation with a movie producer/director about my endeavor in writing the movie script, I suggested I would like to include the fact of what I call at the time “vision”, the 9.0 earthquake/Tsunami/Black wall of water or a term I used, “Black Abyss”. My last words on the evening of March 10th 2011, came via my mobile phone to the public forum, which ties directly to everything prior of that week before the very first major worldly event happened. These are my last words of that evening. “My prediction for tomorrow for everyone! Tomorrow will bring much promise, it’s how you accept what is given and shape it.” On March 11th 2011, Japan suffered a 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami, just as discussed, written and seen days before. 
“The book is living proof of what has happened, what is happening, and possibly what can happen. It’s remarkable” –Kevin Smith, Kevin Smith Talk Show 

“The future is hidden behind the veil as set of Schrodinger probabilities. You my talented friend, get to see behind the veil at the most probable.” -Don Hutcheson, Producer/Director, Liftoph Productions 

“Seems like another uncanny prediction out of the book! Just remarkable!” -MidNightWalkers Radio 

“These are not just a happening, these are purely visions laid out in sequence as they're unfolding before our eyes. Amazing!” -Best Selling Author/CEO Intrepid Magazine Scotty Roberts