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I would like to start out by saying that I have read one of the 15 cases which you will find in Robbie’s book, and without a doubt, it significantly portrays not only the step by step process of his thinking as he dives into each and every mind-bending case, but it also lays out his feelings during every receipt of information that Spirit gives him. Robbie proves that he is normal, 
and the very real person just like you and I. He has feelings and takes every cry for help very seriously, just as any other parent would. The difference is that Robbie has a special gift, being the gift of vision and symbols as he communicates with his guides to help unravel what Law Enforcement struggles with. This is by no means a negative write up about Law Enforcement, but I will say after reading this one case file, that had they listened to Robbie, and acted immediately upon his clues, the 4-year-old boy lost, in this case, would still be alive today. I highly recommend reading this so you can make your own assessment. 

There were many clues that Robbie provided in a very timely manner. As we all know, the first 24 hours are the most important in any missing case. This time frame had already elapsed upon giving Robbie the go-ahead to do his thing, but there was never an Amber Alert given, they said there was no proof the child had been “abducted”. This was the first mistake of the “system” we have in place today. The child was 4 years old. They should have been put the Alert out immediately. 
Through much time, sweat, and persistence Robbie was able to provide key information which clearly would have led to the finding of the little boy alive, as well as the location of the perpetrator, who by the way was a repeat offender. So there’s that too.
The details in which he described as he wrote feverishly started to unfold the mystery. Even when his visions stopped, this didn’t agree with him, he continued to push for more and more until his visions returned. That is the parental instinct in Robbie kicking in, and not taking “NO” for an answer. He persists and pushes the limit when he is called upon to do his job, and as he suspected the even more valuable information was brought to light, and recorded.
Very detailed clues such as:

The actual drawing Robbie did of the suspect from his visions that he sees through the boys' eyes was remarkable, as well as the actual NAME of the guy “Cecil” as he explains in his book. I mean how in the hell do you pull something like this out of a hat? I tell you how. Because it is no trick, this guy is the Real Deal. That’s all there is to it. Let’s look further at this case.
Robbie also had drawn 4 circles showing stadium lights. These lights were found to be 
a stadium that was right near the boy’s home within sight. Details about his clothing, right down to what he was wearing, muscle shirt, track pants and a muscle shirt. He also saw that this child was in a locked small room. The child was alive at this point. That this person had pictures of other small boys. Robbie also gave information as descriptive as the name of the stadium by writing the name “John” down on his notepad. This was later found to be Papa John’s Stadium. He also wrote “Juan” on his pad from his visions. This was found later that the man’s middle name was Eugene which is referred to as “Juan” in another language. 
After all the clues, all the sweat and tears Robbie had gone through to pull this information by using his gift, the police would not immediately use his clues to search for the boy. Mistakes were made, and important time was wasted by not taking Robbie serious enough to immediately follow up on his work.
Another life was lost. If they had taken Robbie seriously and followed up on his clues, the young boy may still be alive today.
People, you can’t make this stuff up. Psychics are used in many different ways these days. There are a lot of fakes out there, and there is a small amount who are the “Real Deal”.
If you are Law Enforcement, I highly recommend you read this book. Please have an open mind. Times have changed, there are people out there who want to be famous, and will try to pull the wool over your eyes by claiming to be psychic and have the ability to find missing people. I can tell you that if you don’t want to waste any time, and you want results, Robbie Thomas is the “Real Deal” he has proven over and over again.

Robert Bolk

FBI (Retired) 


 I have been extremely blessed to have been introduced to Robbie Thomas, and have maintained a lasting relationship with him since. Other endorsements may label him “The Real Deal”, but that’s not even in question here. The importance of what Robbie is able to do is monumental. What he does, brings healing, closure (be it good or bad), compassion, and hope to those who are grieving. For a family missing a loved one, the not knowing is the worse part. Law enforcement has limited capabilities, must work within strict guidelines, and often is overwhelmed. However, using unconventional methods and gifts such as Robbie possesses, evil can and will be conquered! Families will be reunited, order restored and relief for the grieving. We all owe Robbie a debt of gratitude for the work he has done, the toll it has taken on him. But as gracious and humble as he is, he will never ask for it. So I will. Read the book, keep an open mind, and delve into the world of a genuine psychic profiler.

Lt. Kevin Thompson
Team 2 Shift commander
Madison County Sheriff Department, Madison County, Alabama
Military Police Instructor, 1st Bn 200th RTI

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"As a Peace Officer "The real deal", "a true psychic" are terms we use to describe the surprise gift we find in Robbie Thomas. We no longer have to fear ridicule for the assistance of psychics, it's well documented that they can help."

- Cpl. James Tyson, Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  (R.C.M.P.)

Psychic Profiler - The Real Deal , True Crime Cases Vol. 1

A true testament that Law Enforcement works along side one of the worlds most sought after Psychic Medium Criminal Profilers, in some of the most heinous crimes committed. The book is well illustrated with documentation, which includes text messages, emails, photo's, testimonials from Law Enforcement, Investigators and letters from families. 

Robbie takes you into a world most never get to see or understand what truly happens within investigations and you get to see it all through his eyes. Each case within this body of work demonstrates the difference in his ability to reach out searching for answers, while giving great details such as names, locations, how crimes were committed and more.     





Robbie Thomas is in partnership with Lamport Sheppard Entertainment LLC from Toronto, Canada, in a new true crime psychic series filmed by America's Most Wanted Film Crew. In photo above, Lamport & Sheppard, International Police Chief, Kevin Smith, America's Most Wanted Film Crew and Robbie Thomas   

Bobby Bolk


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It's a MIND BLOWING READ! Well written & well presented! WOW!

-Jimmy Church, Fade To Black Radio Show, Coast To Coast Am, History Channel/A&E

"Get the book, IT'S AMAZING! *****

-Andrea Whitney, Award Winning Criminal Journalist, Hearst Media Corp.

"Truly an unique, interesting well paced read!"

-Adam Ginsberg, Actor/Producer

"GOOD BOOK! The stories are AMAZING! Many testimonials and 'EVIDENCE' provided!"
-Angela Thomas, Host On The Fringe Media

While working a double homicide with Robbie Thomas, we together were able to distinguish many missing aspects of the case at hand. His ability to see two steps ahead and envision details is remarkable. In another case I had him give details on, the arrests were made, exactly how you said it would happen! It was just amazing! I don't endorse Psychics at all, but Robbie Thomas is one I totally stand behind."
-Retired International Police Chief, Kevin Smith, United States

It’s fascinating how many people are ready and willing to run into a “haunted” location trying to contact spirits in hopes of gathering information from them. Many paranormal investigators use a pseudo-scientific methodology in their ghost hunting approach and would never consider using a psychic to assist on these quests in an effort to gain insight. After all hunches and visions cannot necessarily be collected and presented as solid “evidence.” Or can they?
In walks a guy like Robbie Thomas, a friend and one of the most acclaimed psychic mediums and criminal profilers ever. Internationally recognized and endorsed by law enforcement agencies as possessing real deal gifts for communing with and gaining knowledge from the spirit realm to assist in solving crimes.
Speaking of The Real Deal, recently I was given the opportunity to take a peek into his upcoming book “Psychic Profiler The Real Deal: True Crime Cases Memoirs Of A Life’s Work.” All I can say is it’s mind blowing for me — a ghost hunting enthusiast that has spent countless hours with gadgets and gizmos trying to gain data that supports the proof of spirits, and often times feeling fortunate to walk away with an ethereal whisper on a recorder — to have a guy like Robbie simply attune his body to the supernatural and help bring killers to light hundreds and hundreds of miles away.
But it doesn’t sound easy. You can feel through the pages of the book the anxiety in Robbie as he works on a case knowing a life is hanging in the balance, much like the one of the abducted 4 year old boy abducted in Louisville, Kentucky. Robbie not only has to get as much information from the spirits concerning the event, but has to gather the info efficiently and with clarity — all the while battling his own human fear and the distraction of anger towards the crimes committed and the perpetrator.
If you are a fan of true crime stories, if you’re one that enjoys delving into the paranormal, I highly recommend getting this book. For me, it not only opens my eyes on what can be tangible evidence of the unexplained and our ties to spirit, but also how the paranormal can be a constructive instrument in bringing justice for victims and healing for the broken hearts of their families.

Matthew D. Jackson
Author of “A Sportsman’s Guide to Field Dressing Man”Type your paragraph here.

After reading a 26 page chapter case file from the new book by Robbie Thomas all I can say is “Wow!”… The striking detail I noticed while reading this chapter is how you feel you are right there with Robbie! It’s as if he is speaking to you personally! The way he relates his inner and outer experiences draws you in. This is very difficult to stop reading because this becomes a movie in your mind you cannot turn away from until completed.
His ability to “see” what others cannot is fast becoming legendary within law enforcement circles for a good reason. He solves what they have not been able to. The amazing thing is, law enforcement officers appreciate his help, seek him out, and endorse Robbie. That only happens when you have proven yourself numerous times.
I encourage everyone to get themselves a copy. Once you do, don’t plan anything else for awhile. If you are like me, you will be reading until dawn and then disappointed there isn’t more. This is one damn amazing book about the incredible work of a truly gifted man, folks!

Jerry Wills

Vice President Xpeditions Inc.
Co-Executive Producer Xpeditions TV
Scientific Researcher

"Very powerful stuff, Robbie Thomas has skills that most Police Officers could only dream of. He is the REAL DEAL!" I've had the opportunity to work a very high profile case with him and it is amazing how his ability renders tangible clues from his sight. 
-Sgt. Cliff Christ, Retired Police Investigator, Colorado

I am so honored to have been chosen by best selling author and all around celebrity, Robbie Thomas, to review a portion or "teaser" of his upcoming book, "Psychic Profiler-The Real Deal, True Crime Cases, Vol. 1" 
I read a 26-page portion and can honestly say that I am amazed. I went into this unbiased, as Robbie and I have never met nor contacted one another. 
As a journalist, I often have the honor of working side-by-side with some of law enforcement's elite. Often times, law enforcement and "psychics" do not go hand in hand, but with Thomas' book, that stereotype is blown out of the water! Thomas takes you on a case by case journey into the minds of victims, perpetrators, families and himself as he breaks down the walls and solves each case. 
Without sounding cliche', Thomas' new book will leave you wanting more and more. Knowledgable and articulate, Thomas is endorsed by law enforcement agencies across the nation but more importantly, he will stand with family after family as he brings them the "closure" (if there is such a thing in many of these cases) they so desperately need and deserve. 
Advance orders of, "Psychic Profiler" can be made through Thomas' office and will begin on February 1, 2018 and will continue through February 15, 2018. 
Robbie, I sincerely thank you for this opportunity and although my words cannot possibly do this book the justice it so deserves, I hope it is a start.


                                                           Andrea Whitney

​                                                           Editor/Criminal Journalist

                                                           Hearst Media 

                                                           Publications include Cosmopolitan, 

                                                           San Francisco Times, Pandora & more.




I have great respect for Thomas and his dedication to helping the families who become the victims of unsolved murders and missing persons. It’s been interesting reading about where he comes from and what’s made him into the person he is today. It’s a fascinating trip into the mind of Thomas and a few of his many cases. Whether you’re interested in the psychic that he is or the aspect of the crimes he’s helped solve, you won’t be disappointed. I know I wasn’t and I know him!

- Martha Decker, Retired Assistant Chief of Police, Tool PD​ 

"​​Crime Stoppers are pleased to endorse and work long side of Robbie Thomas as he is a huge supporter of Crime Stoppers, in the endeavor to fight crime and keep our communities safe." 
​- Sean Robbins, President, Crime Stoppers.

"I have worked with Robbie Thomas first hand as an active Law Enforcement Officer. Robbie's gift coupled with good police work gives victims and families closure and puts bad guys in jail. Thank you, Robbie!"

- Law Enforcement Officer, Andy Delay, Kenneth City Sheriffs Office Florida